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Betting at 1xBIT


This sportsbook guarantees excitement to all people that like to place a bet in order to spice up watching a sports event. This site runs the gamut of sport, and includes novelty bets and other unique items up for wagering. This site includes a link to “live betting”, which is designated for races/games that are in progress. The benefit of live betting is receiving your results (and hopefully winnings) sooner!

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Live Betting

Up to five live (in progress) games can be found on the homepage when signing into 1xBIT. However, there are two links to view all races/games. One is on the menu bar at the top of the screen; the other is at the bottom of the games in progress on the main screen labelled “view schedule”. Scoring updates occur in real time so that the action is nonstop and exciting. As with most live events, odds do change throughout the game. This further makes the action even more exciting. Reading the live betting screen is very simple with wagers broken down by sport, then by league or event.

It is no wonder that 1xBIT is one of the world's fastest growing online bookmakers. The ease of use on this site is the best. The colour scheme is that of the flag of Ireland, further giving a sense of pride to the site. The odds favour small wagers, which favour the occasional bettor. The bonuses available to the bettor confirm that this site is worth a look.


1xBIT Sportsbook covers horseracing at multiple tracks in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, USA, among others. Other big wagers can be made on Champions League and Football anywhere in the world. Other bets can be made on a variety of sports, in fact, almost any sport that you play you can bet on.

Odds for Politics and Novelty Bets are set for events well in advance. If looking for excitement with your wager, consider a sporting event.

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Odds are posted for all races/games for the day. Find the event of your choice. Click on your prediction of who will prevail. Clicking your choice opens up a pop up window, your bet slip, this will show your pick. If satisfied, click on “bet” at the bottom of the pop up window. With the 1xBIT name, you can be assured you’re dealing with a highly respected and reliable bookmaker.