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The poker room at Bovada offers an experience like no other you can find online. With many tournaments and live games available throughout the day and night, Bovada offers one of the best places to play poker on the internet.

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The Tables

The poker tables at Bovada are completely customizable to meet your needs. You are allowed to play at multiple tables, resize your tables to fit your screen, or have it set to full screen. You are also able to choose the colour of your table and set all of your preferences, so they stay the same until you decide to change them.


There are a variety of tournaments available on Bovada every day. Buy in's range from below a dollar up to over a hundred dollars. Anyone can find a tournament on Bovada that will meet their current bankroll. There are satellite tournaments available to win entries into higher stake tournaments as well. Some of the tournaments offer a guaranteed payout of a certain amount. One of the largest weekly tournaments offers a prize pool of $100,000 guaranteed.

Sit and Go’s

Another type of tournament that is available is the sit and go. This tournament style allows individuals to choose a game and buy in amount and the tournament will begin when the specified numbers of people enter. Sit and go’s can be obtained at all buy in levels, with the number of entries as low as two people and up to 360 or more.

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Ring Games

For individuals looking to play ring games, there are both no limit and limit games available. Both high stake and low stake games are also on the site to meet the needs of all types of poker players. The people that play at Bovada range from beginners to pros and everything in between.


There are many promotions available for new members of the Bovada poker room. When starting out in the Bovada poker room, you will have access to six different chances to play in the Sunday 100,000 guarantee tournament. There is also a 110% sign up bonus available for your first deposit.

Bovada’s poker room has a lot to offer for poker players of all skill levels. Not only are there ring games and tournaments available daily, there is also 24 hour support to meet your needs. Playing at Bovada is a wonderful experience for both beginning players and pros.

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