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Betting on Golf

As there is a lot happening on a golf course at any given time, there are plenty of different types of bet that can be placed. Furthermore, several events take place at any one time, which means more markets can be obtained. As the fields are so large, punters can always obtain a good value on any event. In this guide, we will explore betting on golf in more detail.

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Ways to bet

There are plenty of ways to put a wager on a number of golfing events. Here we will look at the potential bets you can place:

Event Winner – Betting on the winner of the event is much more popular with golf than other sports. This is because there are so many more people in the field which means more value. Generally, even a hot favourite will not have lower odds than 10/1. This means an each way bet is always very popular.

Head to head betting – For those of you that do not know; players always tee off in pairs with another player of roughly the same standard, or those that have carded the same as them on the previous day. What this means is that there are plenty of match-play bets that can be had.

Depending on whom you place your bet with; there are a variety of other bets that can be had. Here is a small self explanatory list of ‘special’ bets that can be made on the majority of major events: top 10 finish, top American/Englishman, winning nationality, will there be a hole in one, which golfer will miss the cut and which finishing position do you think a player will get.

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As you can see from the above, there are so many markets that can be taken advantage of when a golf event is in progress. Even very small events tend to get television rights, which means that betting is probably taking place.