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Ice hockey is a major sport which is becoming more well known in Europe. Currently, the main league is the NHL (national hockey league) which is the league in North America; however, certain countries like England, Sweden and Finland are taking to the sport much more in recent years. In this guide, we will have a look at betting on ice hockey.

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Ways to bet

Event winner – The major cup competition in the NHL is the Stanley cup. If you are looking to get a bet on then you can back the winner of the whole cup. Alternatively, you can bet on the outcome of each match. Getting on a team in advance of the start date will often give you much higher odds because there are more risks involved in backing a team early.

Number of goals – As Ice Hockey is a fast paced game; some games have a lot of goals. Betting on the amount of goals usually takes place in a special over/under market. This means if you spot something, for example, a game that has the potential for a lot of goals, you can obtain decent odds. Following on from this, if you want to take a stab at the correct score then there is also correct score betting markets where you will get much more favourable odds if you predict the score.

Handicap – Backing the handicap market is becoming much more popular. Most the time, the team which is considered the worst is given a 1.5 goal lead, and the odds are altered to accommodate for this.

Special betting – There are plenty of other match by match markets as well. For example; betting on an odd or even amount of goals, betting on a period rather than the match, and betting on the first team to score.

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The NHL is one of the most watched leagues in America and Ice Hockey is growing in popularity throughout Europe. This means that in time the Ice Hockey betting markets will expand.