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Over the last couple of years, live betting has become an industry favourite among those that enjoy gambling. In this guide, we will explore it in more detail.

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What is live betting?

If you have watched a sports event then you will be more than aware of live betting. It is when you have the chance to bet while an event is running. For example, if you are watching a tennis match and want to place a bet on almost anything you can think of then you can. Bets range from who will win the next set, to the amount of double faults in the game. This is what is known as live betting.

Live betting takes place on any sport that lasts roughly 10 minutes or more. Live betting is not used for horse/greyhound racing because they finish quickly; however, live betting is popular for football, rugby, golf, darts, cricket, formula 1, American football, NHL, NBA and many more.

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What categories are available?

When you choose to bet live you can select from a variety of markets. Obviously, the most popular choice is the result; however, as mentioned you can bet on almost anything that you can think of within an event. For example, for football you can bet on which team will get the next corner, who will be the next goal scorer, who will receive the next booking and everything in-between.

Change of Odds

As the in-play market moves so quickly you will find that odds change every second; therefore, if you do choose to place a bet using live betting you need to make sure that you are getting the correct odds before you finalise the bet. For example, if you want to bet on a football team to win, and they score as you place the bet the odds will significantly change.

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