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Betting at Sportingbet


No matter what type of sport you wish to bet on, it is possible to do so at Sportingbet. The great thing is that, even if you do not have access to your computer, you can place your bets through the mobile bet feature. The site lists all the current races and games that are available for betting. In addition, horse races are also listed for you to bet on. All the highlighted sports of the day can be found on the website, making it easy to find your required games to place your bet on.

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Betting Slips

Filling out the betting slip and placing your bet is quite simple, with just a few lines to fill out. It is possible to bet on several games at once. The site has a live score streaming system, which makes following your teams and your bets easy. From football to the NHL, there is a sport available to bet on for fans of every type, with a simple list, which allows you to choose your game quickly.


There is a podcast from SportingBet which covers all the best bets of the week, from X-factor to the premier league. Currently, the podcast is offering a free bet give way through a competition called ‘five for a ton’. The competition requires an individual to predict a winning bet for five weeks in a row. If this feat is accomplished, they will receive a 100-pound free bet. There are no strings attached to the deal and no random draws, simply pick the right team for five weeks, and win the money. More details are available on the podcast.

Sportingbet offers one of the best reward programs available for individuals that place any bet on their site. All you have to do is opt in the rewards program and start placing bets. The site keeps a running total of the points that you earn. The points are based on the amount that you stake and the number of selections you make a bet on. Betting on three different teams offers three times the reward. Points are turned into rewards at the end of each month based on your level of play.


With one of the best reward systems available, and an easy to use betting slip, Sportingbet offers a terrific sports book. The live feed, which offers scores for every game is a great way to follow your favourite teams and place bets without issue.

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